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NCCTG Biospecimen Access

How to request NCCTG Biospecimens

  1. Send Request to NCCTG Biospecimen Manager: Send Request
  2. Request will be analyzed and NCCTG Biospecimen Manager will contact Investigator with directions on which forms to submit.(See table)

***NIH Grant CA-114740 must be acknowledged in publications using NCCTG biospecimens

Biospecimens are primarily used for studies that require outcome data from clinical trials.

Class Description Form
Integral biomarkers These biomarkers determine eligibility and must be done in a CLIA lab. These results are placed in the patient's medical record. No form is necessary for access to the biospecimens needed for these biomarkers. No Form Necessary
Integrated biomarkers These biomarkers are originally included in the protocol and are associated with specific goals of the clinical trial. The NCCTG Biospecimen Retrieval form is necessary for access to the biospecimens for these biomarkers. NCCTG Biospecimen Retrieval Form
Correlative biomarkers These biomarkers are not included in the original protocol and require additional approvals. (See process flow) The Letter of Intent and Biospecimen Access Application are necessary to start the approval process. Once approved, the NCCTG Biospecimen Retrieval Form is necessary for access to the biospecimens for these biomarkers. Letter Of Intent Biospecimen Access Application

*** Only punches and/or tissue sections of tissue blocks will be distributed

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